For Sale

Dummy ammunition for sale: Meets the Firearm Safety Education Service of Ontario’s standards for use in the CFSC and CRFSC courses and exams.

1) Azoom solid aluminum blue or red anodized finish.

2) STI Action Pronickel plated or brass case with orange polymer bullet.

3) FSESO Brownbrass case stained brown with lead or jacketed bullet. 

4) FSESO Drilledbrass case, jacketed bullet, with case drilled to ID it as dummy.  

A variety of calibres available, limited quantities. Send email for detailed price list. Curb-Side pickup or buyer pays shipping. Low prices, no tax!

.22 Magnum Rimfire
.38 Special
.40 S&W
.44 Magnum
.45 ACP
.45 Colt
.223 Remington
.308 Win
.410 calibre/guage