NOTE: This course is not open to individuals bound by a firearms prohibition order.  “Prohibition order” is defined in ss. 84(1) of the Criminal Code as:

PROHIBITION ORDER – “prohibition order” means an order made under [the Criminal Code] or any other Act of Parliament prohibiting a person from possessing any firearm, crossbow, prohibited weapon, restricted weapon, prohibited device, ammunition, prohibited ammunition or explosive substance, or all such things.

Please call the Canadian Firearm Centre at 1-800-731-4000 for more information. 


To register in one or more courses:

First, check our course calendar to find a course date with availability, and then open the registration form (*see link below) 

Complete the form in full, with course date at the top; check off the appropriate boxes to select your courses, total up your fees,  then sign and date your registration.

Email your signed and completed registration form to and send your payment by EMT (email money transfer) to the same email address. (preferred method)

Alternatively, You can mail your course fee and  completed registration form. (Do not send cash)

Please make Cheque or Money Order payable to William Sherman and mail to:

William Sherman
P.O. Box 20158  RPO Byron
London,  ON.  N6K 4L1

When your completed registration form and course fees are received, we will send you written confirmation of your registration, which will then guarantee your spot in the course.


NOTE: A completed and signed registration form and course pre-payment is required to guarantee your spot in the course.

NOTE: CFO Directive regarding ‘Back to Back’ CFSC/CRFSC and exams.

All CFSC and CRFSC exams must be conducted in one of either of Canada’s official languages. Translators are not permitted.  As such, Firearm Safety Canada’s exams will be conducted in English. 

All students when taking a ‘back to back’ CFSC and CRFSC, shall successfully complete all aspects of the CFSC prior to commencing the CRFSC, including the CFSC written and practical testing. The CRFSC shall not commence on the same day that the CFSC, including all testing, concludes.

As such, if a student fails the CFSC exam, then they are prohibited from attending the CRFSC on the following day.

To help insure your success, students are strongly encouraged to study the CFSC/CRFSC textbook prior to their classroom participation.


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