Welcome to Firearm Safety Canada

Firearm Safety Canada began in January 1994 and continues to serve the City of London and surrounding communities.

We offer the Official Government Certified Firearms Training Courses & exams,  covering the basics of Rifles and Shotguns,  including Handguns, required to apply for your Canadian Firearms Licence. (PAL or RPAL)

In addition we offer the Official Government Certified Hunter Education Courses & exams required to hunt in Ontario. 

All of this is presented in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere, catering to you the beginner and with our small class sizes we guarantee you an excellent learning environment that’s both educational and fun. 

All courses are offered at our London, ON classroom location only. 

Use the tool bar at the top of the page or the menu to the right, to navigate the website. We have lots of information to share with you. 

At Firearm Safety Canada we believe Firearm Safety is everybody’s business.

Be Smart, Be Safe and Educate.

Now come join us, and welcome to the Shooting Sports.

NOTE:  This course is not open to individuals bound by a firearms prohibition order.  “Prohibition order” is defined in ss. 84(1) of the Criminal Code as:

PROHIBITION ORDER – “prohibition order” means an order made under [the Criminal Code] or any other Act of Parliament prohibiting a person from possessing any firearm, crossbow, prohibited weapon, restricted weapon, prohibited device, ammunition, prohibited ammunition or explosive substance, or all such things.

Please call the Canadian Firearm Centre at 1-800-731-4000 for more information. 

Upcoming Events
  1. January Firearm Course (Full)

    January 24 - January 26
  2. February Firearm Course (Full)

    February 7 - February 9