Course/Exam Fees


The Chief Firearms Office sets the pricing for firearm courses.



We are proud to keep our pricing below the set price by  combining the CFSC & CRFSC courses together to save you money.

  • [CFSC]     Canadian Firearm Safety Course (rifles & shotguns)
  • [CRFSC]  Canadian Restricted Firearm Course (handguns)
  • [OHEC]    Ontario Hunter Education Course

CFSC & CRFSC & both exams:                          $295.00

CFSC & exam:                                                     $170.00

CRFSC Upgrade course & exam:                       $170.00

(CRFSC Upgrade course requires proof of CFSC/exam completion or PAL required)  

OHEC & Exam:                                                   $130.00 (excludes Textbook**

(OHEC course requires proof of CFSC/exam completion or PAL required)  

NOTE: Course/exam fees subject to change without notice.

Hunter Textbook

**NOTE: The Hunting textbook is a mandatory requirement by order of the MNR.

It is the students responsibility to insure that he/she has a textbook for classroom use. Textbooks may be shared between two people living at the same address.

The Hunter Textbook may be ordered  on line directly from the OFAH, just click the textbook, or by phone at 1-705- 748-5785.   Students who show up to class without a Hunter’s textbook are prohibited from attending the OHEC course and unfortunately no course refund is available as a result. 


Now just one book covers both CFSC and CRFSC!
The textbook is a  free download, from the Government Of  Canada publications website. Just click the textbook.

If you prefer a hardcopy version, it is available directly from the FSESO Head Office.

Toll Free: 1- 877-322-2345, Ext: 102,  @ $20.00 plus tax. VISA credit card orders may be made by phone from Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM EST.