Course/Exam Fees



The Chief Firearms Office sets the pricing for firearm courses.



We are proud to keep our pricing below the set price by  combining the CFSC & CRFSC courses together to save you money.

  • [CFSC]     Canadian Firearm Safety Course (rifles & shotguns)
  • [CRFSC]  Canadian Restricted Firearm Course (handguns)
  • [OHEC]    Ontario Hunter Education Course

CFSC & CRFSC & both exams:                          $250.00

CRFSC Upgrade course:                                     $150.00

(CRFSC Upgrade course requires proof of CFSC/exam completion or PAL required)  

OHEC & Exam:                                                   $160.00 (excludes Textbook

NOTE: Course fees subject to change without notice.


Hunter Textbook:

NOTE: Students are required to have their own copy of the Hunter textbook as it is a mandatory requirement of the MNR.  

To order your Hunter textbook: call 1-705- 748-5785                           



Now just one book covers both CFSC and CRFSC!
The textbook is a  free download, from the Government Of  Canada publications website. Just click the textbook.

If you prefer a hardcopy version, it is available directly from the FSESO Head Office.

Toll Free: 1- 877-322-2345, @ $20.00 plus tax. VISA credit card orders may be made by phone from Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM EST.

Upcoming Events
  1. October Firearm Course (Full)

    October 27 - October 29
  2. November Firearm Course (Full)

    November 10 - November 12