CFSC & CRFSC  Exams are conducted immediately after the completion of each course. 

The CFSC and/or CRFSC Exam consists of  both a Written portion, which consists of 50 questions, True/False and Multiple choice and a Practical portion where each student is required to handle the firearms to show proficiency. 

CFO Directive regarding CFSC and CRFSC exams. 

All CFSC and CRFSC exams must be conducted in one of either of Canada’s official languages. Translators are not permitted.  As such, Firearm Safety Canada’s exams will be conducted in English. 

All students when taking a ‘back to back’ CFSC and CRFSC, shall successfully complete all aspects of the CFSC prior to commencing the CRFSC, including the CFSC written and practical testing. The CRFSC shall not commence on the same day that the CFSC, including all testing, concludes.

As such, if a student fails the CFSC exam, then they are prohibited from attending the CRFSC on the following day.

To help insure your success, students are strongly encouraged to study the CFSC portion of the textbook prior to their classroom participation.

In the unlikely event of an exam failure, retests can be arranged, however a retest fee of $40.00 is payable at a the time of the retest. (cash only)

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